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Sunday Social Groups

Sunday Social Groups currently ON HOLD to preserve public health.

Meet peers in your community at one of our new Sunday Social Groups! Each group is unique and participant led. 

First: Register for a free participant profile.

Next: Once registered, see dates listed below for current and upcoming groups. Attendance of registered participants will be assumed. Monthly confirmations or absent notices are appreciated

Group ages are a guideline only, if your participant is interested in a theme or activity 
outside of their age category, they may still sign up.  

All groups are led by an experienced facilitator to ensure an inclusive and engaging environment. Participants under the age of 13 or those requiring specialized support must have an adult remain on premises. Groups take place in the autism building at the CV Child Development Association.

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     Administration: Amanda Flentjar      

Cassandra Carter - Group Leader

Cassandra has more than 12 years of experience working with individuals and families. She comes to our program with rich and diverse experiences that shape her facilitation as trauma informed, holistic, genuine and fun! As a Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) Consultant (CIT) she believes that Autistic children’s most valuable support is their family. She is dedicated to empowering youth and caregivers while continuing self and professional development that strives to build relationships and create dynamic learning experiences.

Cassandras background working with adults in health care and addictions and recovery brings a unique perspective that amplifies her passion for people. Her experience includes; high crisis management, violent intervention, as well as learning and supporting self-regulation skills. She also has training/qualification in: Low Arousal Approach to Crisis Intervention; Relationship Development Intervention; SIVA Training and First Aid


Sita Then - Group Support

Sita is a vibrant and creative new addition to our program!

Her amazing compassion, patience and great desire to help everyone learn how to express their thoughts and feelings are a priceless addition to our team. 

Sita is a newly graduated art therapist. Her practicums the past two years included work with The Comox Valley Learning Centre (NUKO), clients with addictions and complex trauma at Amethyst House, and those facing grief and loss at Oceanside Hospice. She also helped students at Beachcombers Academy and facilitated art therapy groups for in-service education days for teachers.